Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dog food commercials...

I have this growing dislike for dog food commercials.  They are insulting.  Not always to me, because I am not starving or living in poverty like the millions of Americans that are.  Or digging through the trash for a morsel of moldy bread or cheese.  

I am not much of an animal lover anyway.  I can practically hear the gasps from the screen, so let me clarify:  I would not LOVE to own a pet.  I cringe at the idea of taking care of an animal.  Hair flying through the rays of sunlight makes my skin crawl.  I barely get through a day meeting the needs of my family members, without the extra responsibility of perhaps cleaning up poop, vacuuming hair out of every corner, and thinking about loving a small, furry skulker animal.  I don't mind if YOU own an animal.  I think they are cute in YOUR house, I think animals are cuddly and, let's face it, who doesn't enjoy a fun, but slightly demeaning game of "watch the puppy or cat chase the glow of a flashlight"?!?  

But, this blog is not about loving or disliking animals.  It is about the annoying food commercials...like this one....

The commercial in itself shows a picture of a beautiful 8-9 pound roaster chicken (going for about 7 or 8 dollars (or more) in the market), being cleaned and prepped to accompany beautifully matured fruit and vegetables, to create a meal for the furry one(s) living in your home.  

Every time I see this commercial, I get so frustrated.  I believe in taking care of your pets.  I totally understand wanting to give your dog food that will aid in he/she remaining healthy and being able to frolic happily about your yard, but I guess I don't understand the absolute disgust on the "pet-parent's" faces. 

Friends, hang tight as I make this next statement:  The idea of your dog having consumed corn gluten or chicken by-product meal is a welcome delight compared to the reality that he/she licks its' own back-side and gobbles down harden pieces of feces as readily as fallen food from the dining room table. 

Just my thoughts.  I would love to hear yours. :) 



  1. who is this Obedience School teacher? I also loved "when you love them like family, you feed them like family." If those kids mention that their mom is giving them buffalo blue, they will get taken by CPS

  2. Bwahaha...seriously. This is true. I mean I just slipped Evan some cold-formed nuggets for greater potency. It has been helping him sleep through the night. :)

    1. Kidding....but I thought your post was funny.

    2. I totally agree! I know someone who gave their daughter 2 cockroaches as pets, then insisted on giving them "organic" food. As if God didn't make them scavengers for a reason! Enjoyed reading every one of your posts.

    3. Ooops, forgot to sign on! Steph Yoder

    4. Wow Steph, that IS crazy! Thanks for reading!