Cast of Characters

1 Thessalonians 2:8
We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.

Adam (Pastor)
This is my husband.  My best friend.  My partner in parenting.  My support in good and bad times.  I love him more every minute.  He is a complex man and he takes his calling seriously.  He loves people, is energized by spending time in large groups of people.  Has a memory like no one I have ever met.
Exceptional leader, attentive husband, wonderful, doting father.  
Lives and represents daily a man after God's heart.  I admire my husband for who he is and who God is constantly molding him to be.   

Nora (Pastor's daughter)
Nora is a light.  Her name actually means light.  She is my most proudest accomplishment and she is only 2.  I love her with a love that is scary and intimidating and overwhelming.
She is a character of intricate personality.  She loves dolls and when I watch her, I believe she is a more attentive mom than me.  She is loving and cuddly, and sweet and kind.  I know she is awake because I hear singing from her room, and she doesn't stop until her eyes close at night.
She never misses one little thing.
If you move furniture or rearrange decor, she notices and wants to know why.
She has an opinion and will tell you in complete sentences with decent diction.
Nora is allergic to half of the food chain and will tell you if you try to offer her food that could harm her.
She melts my heart and makes me laugh harder than anyone can.
But of course, I am biased. :)

Evan (Pastor's Son)
This picture says it all.  
Evan is still establishing his personality and his place in this crazy family. 
I find it quite amazing how laid back he is.  He eats, and goes back to sleep.  
Falling in love with our little man is something that has been very easy for all of us.

Grant (Pastor's Son)

Michelle (Pastor's Wife)

An unlikely pastor's wife with a heart yearning for a closer relationship with God.  I spend most of my time wiping snotty noses and cleaning up spit up.  I hate summer and love winter and complain a little too much.
My life is full of twists and turns, scary and joyous moments that tie everything together.  I am on a journey to become a disciple that God is proud of and although I always get in the way, God is molding me into who He needs me to be.
I love my God, my family and our church!
I may not have all I want but God always gives me all I will ever need.