Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introduction to blogging!

So, I am not even sure if anyone wants to hear what I have to say, but I have been feeling led for awhile now to start a blog.  How fun!  I have no idea what I am doing, but I am slowly catching on, so if you are here - thanks for stopping!

I am a wife and a mother of two adorable children.  My husband is a pastor, which makes me...a pastor's wife.  If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would be in a church let alone be married to a pastor, the resounding scream would be NO!  God has brought me to places I have never thought I would end up let alone feel equipped for.  Many refer to ministry families (namely families in the pastorate) as living life in a fishbowl - everyone walks by and looks at the fish, they feed the fish, they watch the fish do everything.  It is enjoyable to gaze at fish, to guess what they are thinking, and to bang on the glass and get them to do things. 

I love my life!  I really do!  And I am not just telling myself (or you) that!  Interesting Funny Crazy Normal stuff happens to us, which is one of the reasons I feel led to tell you our tales....our life....written blogs.

A few interesting facts about me:  
  • I am an introvert, but fake the other one well.  At the end of every Sunday, I am exhausted. :)
  • I mop the floors at least once a week, because they "feel" dirty.
  • I hate mess, but hate cleaning. Love/Hate. 
  • I get annoyed too easily. (working on that...)
  • I started sewing and quilting at least 2 years ago and despite the best intentions, I have yet to finish a project.
  • Watching my husband interact with our daughter warms my heart.
  • Breastfeeding is burdensome to me, but I refuse to buy something God has equipped me to make.
  • I am uncomfortably tight cheap with money.
  • I hate folding laundry.
  • I have a twin sister and secretly (not anymore) am thankful to God I didn't conceive any.
  • Incidentally, my husband is convinced my real family is out there somewhere...separated at birth. :)
  • I love sleep.  I have an infant living in my house right now....enough said.
  • I LOVE coffee.  I really couldn't live without it.
  • My ideas are the best and God consistently reminds me that they aren't.
  • I love clothes.  I have never paid retail value for any clothing item. EVER.
  • I taught elementary and special education for five years before becoming a stay-at-home mom.
  • I forget everything.  It drives my "supernatural memory" equipped husband crazy.
  • I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator.  Worst. Combination. Ever.
  • Bi-annually, I get the urge to purge.
  • I like organization, but am not always organized.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.  Especially running.
  • Natural light during daytime hours is my favorite, and dark rooms make me anxious.
  • If I wasn't worried about gaining 100 pounds, I would eat cake and ice cream multiple times a day.
  • I drive too fast.
  • I yell too much. (working on that too).
  • Sometimes I act weird just to make my daughter laugh.
  • I sing everyday, sometimes all my daughter does too.
  • We have Disney, Broadway, and hymn sings in our home daily.  My infant son just stares at us...soon he will be powerless to join.
  • I graduated Summa Cum Laude and my kids don't care.
  • I am a classically trained Soprano I and NO ONE cares.
  • Heavy metal music stresses me out.
  • I love the grocery store.  It is peaceful at 5 am.  
  • I find it invigorating to save money with coupons, but am too lazy to spend time clipping them.
  • I am a worrier thinker.  I worry think all of the time, even when I sleep.  I worry think all of the time. I worry think about worrying thinking.  
  • Sarcasm is fun.
  • I DO NOT enjoy talking on the phone.  I find it awkward...especially when saying goodbye.  (It's me, not you.)
  • Waking up before 6 is excruciating for me.  But worth it. 
  • My husband is my pastor...forever. 
  • I seldom cry.       
  • Quiet people and people who don't smile make me nervous.
  • Pet Peeves: Open cabinet doors, chewing with mouth open, standing in doorways or pathways, lateness, indecisiveness, and talking to someone who isn't listening. 
  • If I were a millionaire, I would most likely still clean my own house.....but I would hire a chef.  
  • I hate summer because my hair rarely looks nice.
  • I love winter because I am ALWAYS 1000 degrees. (I feel anxious when I think of menopause) 

I am so excited about this.  Hopefully someone else is, too! 

 I will end by saying....I have nothing figured out...nothing...but can, at any moment, fool anyone into thinking I do!  

I am an unlikely pastor's wife, raising pastor's kids. Perpetually behind on laundry and housework, loving almost every minute of this blessed life!      


  1. Great blog, Michelle! We have a lot in common - perhaps there's a pastor's wife gene? (Shudder). Anyway, keep on blogging. :) Kolleen

    1. Thanks Kolleen! :) Perhaps you are right! I am finding this fun, and dare I say, therapeutic!?! We should really hang out sometime - all kidding aside!

  2. It would be really cool if you had a brother. Imagine how crazy that would be! haha good post