Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5K faker...

I recently began to pick up a renewed interest in running.  When I was in college, I ran all of the time.  So much so that I would eat food all day and never gain a pound.  I am not talking about that healthy stuff people tell you that you need to eat to stay skinny.  My old roommate would appreciate this post, because she could tell you of the times we would order pizza and I would eat MOST OF IT myself!  That is embarrassing, now that I think of it.  I sort of don't want to publish this with that last sentence in place, but it is the truth, and that is what I do...."gumball head", remember?   

Anyway, running was easy!  I had so much strength and endurance that I would sign in RELIEF when our coach would tell us we only had to run a few miles that day.  "Good, easy day", I would think.  Now, thinking about running a few minutes makes me feel sick.  So, how did I get here?  It is obvious really.  I got married, new life began:  working/teaching, church life, ministries, exhaustion, then came our daughter, and then a move, more church and ministry obligation, our get it.  It happens to everyone.  At some point, within all of the "busy", running to anywhere but the refrigerator became taxing, so, I just, stopped.  I don't necessarily miss it; I have this love/hate with running, but I do miss the health aspects of being in shape.  

So, as I stated, recently, I began to pick it up again...sort of.  I signed up to run a 5K for "Life Choices".  I planned on preparing for it, I really did, but that life thing got in the way again, and well, I only worked a little hard.  I suppose I only worked hard enough to prevent certain death on the road.  I showed up, pretty nervous, and ran the race.  I ran 3.3 miles, in 35 minutes.  Not bad!  I was surprised I did as well as I did.  I felt good and proud of myself.  

As the week went by, however, I realized that although I finished that race in a reasonable time, I totally faked it.  I didn't prepare adequately for the race.  I was terrified going into it, and sore and exhausted the week following.  Not to mention, during the race, I seriously contemplated heaven as a viable option.  

I showed up, with snazzy running clothes and ran that race in a time that would make anyone think I tried beforehand.  I faked it!  

I was in pain, it was hard, and I suffered throughout the next week.  The 3.3 miles proved to be difficult because I didn't do anything to become strong enough to endure.  

Life, serving or living for Christ, is a lot like running a 5K, inadequately prepared.  I was probably able to complete the race with some level of success because of my past ability and strength.  I was able to fake being a runner, but I reaped the consequences.  

Life is hard.  It hurts and leaves wounds.  Jesus promises he will walk with us through these hurts.  But, that is all depending on how much we are willing to get to know him.  The better we know Him, the more equipped we are to handle life's lemons.  If you give your life to Jesus and prepare your heart with His word, He can give you what you need to endure life's not so sweet moments or seasons.

Just as remaining idle didn't help me run the 5K, idling away our life as a  follower of Christ, will not prepare us for running the race of life. 

We must keep growing, maturing, and serving to the end of our days.  

Faking it will exhaust us more, hurt us more and take more energy and recuperating than anyone has energy for.  

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