Monday, January 28, 2013

Be My Valentine Challenge - Week 2

Alright ladies, how are we doing???  Have you embarked on the challenge?  I loved how some of you, right away embraced the challenge and stated you were in.  So, let me know how it went.  I really am curious.

As for me and my lovely family, I was presently surprised as to the results.  I began the week praising him in front of our children, and it hit me in a "God-sized way" that I NEVER do this.  I felt convicted and a bit guilty, but blessed that God had opened my eyes to my negligence.  My daughter rarely hears me praise my husband, but often hears us in our dealings with day to day life.  Don't worry folks, I'm not over here beating myself up, and neither should you, but the results of such praise, was my silent stirring that I can do better, we all can.

The coolest result that came about was our 3, almost 4 year old, joined in.  She even declared one day, after he walked out the door, "Mommy, daddy loves when we kiss and hug him."

Another result was a change in MY heart.  I was conscious of what I was trying to do, and although I had meltdowns, I tried NOT to say negative things, because I knew it would be harder to say positive things when the appropriate time came.    

Last week, I called us to take on this challenge so that we can silence the nagging enemy and have marriages that glorify God and change the people around us.  Has your week of praise caused Satan to worry that he can no longer have a foothold in your marriage?  Is he trembling?  Marriage is one of the most powerful relationships we embark on.  God can use our marriages in huge ways when we let Him, OR we can allow Satan to meddle and use our marriage relationship the way HE wants to.

So, week 2 is upon us.  The challenge this week is very similar - Praise your man, but strive to do so in more creative ways.  Last week, we got our feet wet, and got used to the idea of consciously thinking of ways to incorporate this activity into each and every day.  Over at Women Living Well, Courtney gives us some great ideas.  Go check them out, and try to have fun!  If you are like me, I sort of cringed when I saw crafts and cute hearts.  Ughh.......who has time or energy for this?!?!  Certainly not me with my growing belly, busy babies, and crazy schedule.  I am a pinterest junky because I like to live vicariously through these crafty women who are kickin' butt and takin' names.  I am going to try though.  My husband appreciates when I try, and I am sure yours does and will too; even if the small construction paper hearts are not even close to what they call symmetrical.

Anyway, go for it!  Be creative.  Be encouraged that God is at work when we are conscious of how added love and praise improves this powerful, God ordained relationship called marriage!

Please chime in below and let me know how it goes.  
We can all benefit from your ideas, successes, and encouragement!       



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the challenge. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to take you up on it because I'm a little weary right now. But as the week went on, I was like, okay, this is something my husband appreciates. Even though I'm the writer, I know he likes hearing words of encouragement, and even though I'm NOT his mother and he doesn't need my approval, I was convicted that I need to TELL him that I appreciate him. At dinner last night, he was being silly with the kids (not always my style of parenting; I'm the more serious one!) and I said to them, "You know what I think. I think Daddy's a silly Daddy and that's pretty neat." And at church, I was so cold, I let him give me his sweater. Someone else noticed and said, "How gallant of him." And I had another chance to praise him. Even when I know his faults, it's important to praise him in front of others. I guess I'm up for the challenge now! :)

    1. Well, that is great Lisa! I definitely think it is different when we, as wives, praise them rather than their mothers. Their mothers love them no matter what. Our love is a bit more intolerant at times. So, when compliments, words of affirmation, praise come from us, it means so much more. Glad you are up for the challenge! :)

  2. I agree. I am participating in the challenge too and have realized how I too never praise my husband before the kids. I just don't think about it. I do a pretty good job of not showing him disrespect and submission but fail miserably at edifying him verbally. I'm glad to see you have benefited too!

    Blessings to you and your marriage,


  3. So I just finished a project for my husband this week. I've set it on his desk so he'll see it tonight when he gets home. Looking through the ideas was fun, but one really stood out to me: to frame the words to our first dance song. I modified it a little bit because I don't have a frame, but anyway, I wrote the words out on a big piece of scrapbooking paper and put our wedding picture in the middle and said if our wedding day was tomorrow I'd marry him all over again. This is as much encouragement for me as I hope it will be for him. First, I was on the verge of tears just writing out the words to the song, remembering how meaningful it was to us at the time. And second, in our 6 years (this year) of marriage, some things have happened and been revealed that made me ask the question of myself, "Would I marry him all over again if I knew what I know now?" I've struggled with that question a lot, but I realized this week that yes, I would, because the tough times have made us better and no love is perfect and I can't imagine my life without my husband. I'll let you know how it goes on his end. Thanks again for sharing this challenge. You are a blessing, friend.