Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be My Valentine - Week 3

Sorry friends. I am running a bit late on this one.  Week 3 has begun and it is a hot one!  I really do apologize that the week is almost over, but I guess you will have an action packed weekend trying to complete the challenge.


Week 3 Challenge - 
Pursue kissing your husband, and respond to his initiatives.  
Perhaps even when you don't feel like it.  My friend over at Warrior Wives wrote a really good blog about this once.
Check it out!

Week 3 is a tough one for me.  There was always a running joke in my family while growing up that , "Michelle doesn't like human contact."  Although this isn't entirely true....well, it's true.  I have this weird thing.  It isn't that I don't like to be touched, it is that physical touch isn't my love language and I feel this strange tense feeling when it happens!  You can think I am weird.  I don't mind,  You won't be the first, and certainly not the last, but I get really uncomfortable when I have to decide to hug someone goodbye or just shake their hand.

Anyway, this challenge is for our husbands, and with 3 babies (2 under 15 months) I clearly don't fail completely when it comes to physical touch with my husband, but it is tough for me to put myself out there to invite possible rejection.  I hate that feeling!  It makes me feel silly or embarrassed.  The truth is though, our husbands feel stronger, more capable, and built up when we are able to put aside our own insecurities and show them we desire them.        

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  If you have to melt this week into next week, please feel free to share your overall testimony in the comment section.  Week 4 will be out on Monday baring any labor and delivery of baby #3!  

I will leave you with this awesome quote!

“When you touch your husband’s deepest need something good almost always happens!”~Dr. Emerson Eggerich

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