Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be My Valentine - Week 4

It's upon us!  Valentine's day is here.  

Confession Time:  I really wanted to be in the hospital, nursing a new baby right now, but since little Grant has yet to make his way into our world, I am not off the hook.

I am kidding.  I didn't want to be "off the hook".  I am actually excited about our plan.  A yummy surf and turf dinner with Fondue for dessert.  I think I may stray from the crazy Gestational diabetes world, and have some chocolate.  What's a girl to do without CHOCOLATE?!?!  And anyway, strawberries covered in chocolate are still half fruit!  So......Shhhhhh. :)

Week 4 brings a challenge to married couples in general.  It seems that the only ones enjoying Valentine's Day are kids and well...un-married people.  Romance in many marriages has died and the fun of the ability to show each other love has died with it.  The ladies over at Women Living Well encourage married people to enjoy married life!  Enjoy what God has allowed us to enjoy - passion and romance.

You see it on the screen, in commercials and I’m sure you’ll see it on Facebook this coming Thursday.  It looks like passion was made for everyone else…But we are totally missing the boat my married friends!  The romance and passion we see in movie theaters and on soap operas – was meant for US!  
- Courtney at Women Living Well

So, go enjoy being married people!  Ask each other what kind of romance and passion they miss the most.  Be playful.  Be flirtatious, Be creative.  Just go.....;)

For ideas and reminders, here are the links to the past 3 weeks from our challenge.....

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One of the suggestions over at Women Living Well was to write a list of why we admire or love our husbands.  I am sharing my list below.

1.  You believe that me staying home is a calling, even if our budget struggles.
2. We laugh together - a lot.  You are funny. :)
3. You are ambitious.
4. You take your calling very serious and genuinely want to please God first.
5. I have never heard of you speaking ill of me to others.
6.  You like to take vacations, even if they are all to Disney, you make sure we take them.
7. I know you so well that I can feel the environment change in the room if something is annoying you.
8.  You like to hear me sing.
9.  You stare at me sometimes just because you think I look nice.
10.  You appreciate when I try (put make-up on and do my hair).
11.  You are my best friend.
12. You know scripture better than anyone I know.
13. You LOVE our daughter and son so much that you grind your teeth when they are near you.
14. You play the piano so I sing along after dinner, most nights.
15. Our daughter thinks the world of you.
16. Our kids light up when you walk through the door.
17. You are predictable.
18. You always drive, even if you secretly want me to.
19. I have never had to mow the lawn in our married life, and I know I won't have to.
20. You encourage me to go away on retreats, because it is healthy and makes me a better mom and wife.
21. You clean up the toys while I put the kids to bed.
22. You know and remember people better than anyone I know.
23. You aren't afraid to correct me when I'm wrong, even if it means I'll be mad at you.
24. You pray for me.
25. You make really hard decisions God is calling you to make, even if it means someone will get mad at you.
26.  You hold my hand when you are able.

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