Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Theme and Link-up Days

Coming soon - Theme days!!!

I have a tenancy to rush God's faithfulness.  I realize this may be foreign to ALL of you as not one of you out there wants an answer before God is ready to give it. I have been praying a lot, recently, asking God to guide my steps towards some really big GOD-sized dreams that have been laid on my heart.  I am ready to jump right in, as always, despite my level of readiness.

However, I have heard Him gently place one scripture over my soul, over and over again....
.....If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.....(Luke 16:10)....
So, I must follow this lesson well, and learn to be faithful with the small things God has given me in this very busy season I am in, so that I can be trusted with big things.  I have work to do....and I am ready to learn to be faithful with little.  Perhaps, some day, my God-sized dreams will become a reality and God will trust me with more, but until then, I will conduct work on the ministry God has called me to in the season I am in (More about this later).

I have been praying over this very lesson, and feel led to do a few things with my writing and sharing.

Here is what is in store - I hope you are as excited as I am!!!!

Musings Mondays -

Musing Mondays will begin on March 4th.  The idea of this day will be to create a forum for 5 minutes of transparent writing.  This writing will be what God has been laying on my heart during that particular week/weekend.  During this 5 minutes of spewing heartun-edited writing, I will share with you how God has been speaking to me, how I have responded, and what I believe He is calling me to do!  
If you are a blogger, there will be an opportunity for you to link-up.  Transparency is key in this writing.  My ability to be transparent with people and share my story without shame or embarrassment has reached more lives for Christ than I ever could as a member of an elite class Christian, that sometimes fogs the world we live in today.  

Wisegirl Wednesday - 

"WiseGirl Wednesday" will be a day when someone out here in the blogging community, and beyond will be invited to guest post on a topic within a series.  I have a few series I am praying about right now.  I am really excited about this part.   I believe, with my whole heart, when we humble ourselves to learn from others, we are able to hear more from God than we could ever imagine learning on our own.  Marriage, parenting, and life in general is a scary place!  Let's navigate this terrifying plain together.    

I am aiming for an April Kick-off!  Stay tuned!  :)  

Forgiveness Friday - 

If you are anything like me forgiveness is HARD!  
At any given time, a person has at least one other human in their life that they must work through a process of forgiveness with.  Whether this assault on your emotions, physical state, security, or well-being was huge or small, the act of forgiving a person who has accidental or purposefully hurt you, is one of the most difficult processes in human nature.  Our natural response to hurt is to re-coil in protection mode when we've been injured.  We don't usually overflow with mercy, grace and forgiveness when we've been wronged.  
So, during "Forgiveness Friday", we will work through some aspects of Christ like forgiveness, what that looks like, and how on Earth we will be able to achieve it - 
not the way our human flesh wants to, but the way Jesus showed us.  
We will hear from other women and/or men, we will share our own views on forgiveness, and, most importantly, we will try to dissect the loving actions of our perfect example - 

I really want to start this ASAP.  I am praying for the guidance as I begin to work to achieve my God-sized goals in a season where a new baby will take over our home.  But, I'm excited!  Pray with me!  

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