Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning to Love Your Haters - Post from Women Living Well: Good Morning Girls

A while back, I wrote a post about how hard it is to love our enemies.  Here's a little excerpt.....  
This, is hard stuff!  No one is perfect, and if I am honest, I can say I am a big offender of anger and chalk lines that represent the offenders.  I want people to pay for their offenses.  I want them to know they hurt me.  Even when I don't realize it, I am waiting for the moment they realize they were wrong.  Sometimes, I even put together scripts in my mind of the moments the offender comes back, begging for forgiveness.  
You have all had dialog with yourselves much like the one described within the last sentence.  This stuff is HARD!

As you know, my husband is a pastor.  At any given time, people are upset with him or both of us, and sometimes even, our kids, because let's face it, making hard decisions for God is awkward and creates tension  and isn't always what everyone wants.  It isn't fair, and it hurts, but, it's our life, and since I wouldn't trade this life for ANYTHING, I will consider it an occupational hazard and move on....sort of.

Truth is, because this is OUR life, I must choose daily to actively pursue a life of forgiveness.  This forgiveness only can come through fervent prayer.  I came across a beautifully written post today by the authors of Women Living Well.  It is entitled, "Learning to Love Your Haters", and it is perfect to describe the way I have been feeling lately.  Trust me, I have way more lovely friends than haters, but sometimes, when the negativity is hovering over me like a cloud, I need to read things like this to get me back on track.

In Him,


Women Living Well - Learning to Love Your Haters

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