Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Appreciating my Pastor ;)

As a self proclaimed perfectionist, I often am my own worst enemy, forcing and expecting something from myself that is not emotionally or physically possible. I try and try and try on my own before I actually give up and give it over to God. You would think I would learn - you would think we all would - but I (we) don't. Every set of challenges are often are mulled over, dissected, worked on, cried over, and tantrum-ed on before my empty hands are handing the One who can do ALL things the mess I've made.

Living life with the man I love the most is no exception. One of my biggest passions in life is my marriage. I am not always happy in it or respectful of it, but I committed to it. I sometimes take it for granted like a child and his toy. There are boring days, and fun days, and 'my heart could not be more full' days. There are sad days, frustrating days, and 'where is my suitcase' days. (<----me being transparently honest here.) Life is hard - marriage is harder. Merging two people, adding living expenses, personalities, in-laws ;), and maybe some kids is recipe for disaster. But this is life - and we can choose to do with it what we want. In life, I choose to desire to become the best version of myself I am called to be.  I owe this to my savior, and I owe this to my husband. I want to grow daily, even when it hurts, because God's blessings in light of our willingness to grow are true and real and He always keeps His promises.  

Over at The Nester there is this blog world 31 day thing happening. I have been wanting to challenge myself lately with the whole writing for fun thing, so - I'm doing it. After mulling over my choice as to what to write to all of you for the next 31 days, I have landed on a topic that will surely stretch me and grow me and hopefully honor God. For the next 31 days (supposed to start Oct. 1st, but ya know - I plead 3 kids.) I will strive to become the best wifey version of myself I can be - the best version that God can help me to become. I want to honor my pastor - who also happens to be MY husband. I will need God sized strength and constant communion with Him, but I am determined.

This is also "Pastor Appreciation Month", which I find amusing, because this is how I will also honor my pastor - I'm the only gal that gets to call Him honey! ;)  

I want to serve my husband the way God has intended, even if it's hard - I'm sure dying on that cross for the forgiveness of my sins was hard too - but He did it - just sayin'.    

You can come back to this page any time or after the 31 days to browse through all the posts by topic or read them in order from beginning to end (the links to the posts below will be live after the day they post). I hope you will join me in striving to be the best wife (or maybe future wife!) you can be!

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