Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gratitude for my pastor husband

I saw a video made by "Soulpancake" recently that scientifically proved that people who express gratitude were all around happier people. You can check out that video by clicking the link, but  to sum it up, the people who agreed to the study were asked to think about a person they admired/appreciated the most and write a description as to why they thought that person rocked. After they were finished, the scientist brought in a phone and asked the subjects to call the person they wrote about on the spot. There were tears and laughter and a general warm and fuzzy feeling.  The scientific part was included by testing their "happiness" level before and after the call.  ALL of the subjects increased their levels of happiness.  So, they proved gratitude increases happiness.  You can't argue with science, ya'll!

In honor of Pastor Appreciation month, I chose to do my 31 day blogging challenge for my pastor, who also happens to be my favorite man on this planet and the guy God chose for me to spend the rest of my life with.  Lucky gal right here. :)

So, today I will flat out, unashamedly, embarrassingly, appreciate my pastor husband, who, BTW, rocks! And, 31 reasons sounds good, because this is, after all, a challenge with the number 31 showcased.

I appreciate him because........

1. he takes his pastor job VERY seriously.
2. he truly loves what he does, even if it is 'hair pull out now' frustrating at times.
3. he loves people....a lot.
4. his children see how much he loves his job and how IMPORTANT it is to, as a man, provide for his family....even if it means sacrifice.
5. he trusts God....he trusts God will provide and provide big...
6. and because he trusts God, he calm me (at times - non-trusting wife).
7. he plays trains with Middle Little even if he is all dressed up, ready to walk out of the door.
8. he tells our daughter she's beautiful, and she knows he means it.
9. he will leave in the middle of the night to be with a congregation member in need if he has to.
10. he prays for me.
11. he changed our devotion time to the morning because he knows I could slip into a coma any time after 8.....and he's not a morning person (yes, I noticed you did this for me). ;)
12. He cleans the WHOLE downstairs when I am putting the kids to bed.
13. and even does the dishes.
14. he takes care of the yard so our house doesn't look condemned.
15. he loves and cares about teaching people.
16. he is continually expanding his vision re-casting it.
17. he dresses great.
18. he understands the importance of ironing, and matching, and why a person shouldn't wear vertical and horizontal stripes at the same time.
19. he is loyal.
20. he's totally hot. ;)
21. he still asks me on dates.
22. he isn't afraid to try new square dancing....yeah, he's that cool.
23. he tells me exactly what he's thinking....even if he knows I don't want to hear it.
24. he dances with our daughter and cares about her heart.
25. he wants our boys to know what it is to take care of a family.
26. he taught himself how to play the piano and acts like it is no big deal.
27. he forgives me so incredibly easy.
28. he won't let me stay mad at him, even if I am still being mean.
29. he always challenges those around him.
30. he is authentic and real and focuses solely on the Holy Spirit to lead him.
31. he doesn't let petty rumors and mean people affect him....I could learn a lot from this.

32. Oh, more....he is flat out the best pastor around. FACT. :)

Day 2 done.

Over at The Nester there is this blog world 31 day thing happening. I have been wanting to challenge myself lately with the whole writing for fun thing, so - I'm doing it. After mulling over my choice as to what to write to all of you for the next 31 days, I have landed on a topic that will surely stretch me and grow me and hopefully honor God. For the next 31 days (supposed to start Oct. 1st, but ya know - I plead 3 kids.) I will strive to become the best wifey version of myself I can be - the best version that God can help me to become. I want to honor my pastor - who also happens to be MY husband. I will need God sized strength and constant communion with Him, but I am determined

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